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Duck Stuffed Animals November 30, 2009

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In the Dr. Seuss Beginner Book, I Wish that I had Duck Feet, a young boy wishes he had feet like a duck so he can have all the advantages a duck has; he could splash around (like a duck), he wouldn’t have to wear shoes anymore, and he could swim and play (like a duck). He soon discovers, however, that his mother is not a fan of his duck feet as he tracks water through the house and leaves her with a mess to clean up. The boy goes on to wish for other things instead.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to swim like a a duck anyway? Their webbed feet are just one of many things that makes them such an interesting species. Baby ducks are particularly adorable which not surprisingly, make duck stuffed animals very popular with young children. Duck stuffed animals are comparative in size to the real thing which makes them easy for a small child to hold and hug. Unlike some plush toys on the market, duck stuffed animals are cute and cuddly – they are in no way a toy that will frighten a child.

Like with some plush toys modelled after real animals, a duck stuffed animal is a terrific way to teach children about the species. That way, when they actually are fortunate enough to see the real thing, they will have developed a certain appreciation for it.

Children are likely unaware of a few key facts about ducks, in particular that their feathers are water-proof. Any child would find that quite fascinating given ducks spend most of their time in water. Another interesting and lesser known fact, is that duck eggs are affected by daylight. Ducks will lay more eggs the more daylight there is. In the winter months, with shorter days, some ducks will stop producing eggs altogether.

When purchasing a duck stuffed animal, you can come as close or as far away to finding one that looks like the real thing. For example, if its pure entertainment value you’re looking for, some duck stuffed animals come with clothes on, including jackets, hats, and boots. In addition, dressed-up baby duck stuffed animals are also very popular given their cute factor. Plush baby ducks make children instantly want to hug them – after all, they are not only soft and cuddly, but they may remind them of a real baby. Consequently, a child may feel like they have to take extra special care of baby duck stuffed animals.

Other types of duck stuffed animals are those that have been made to replicate the most famous cartoon duck on the planet: Daffy. Daffy Duck is easily recognizable because of his black body, large orange bill (duck mouth), orange legs and feet, and his unique way of speaking. He has appeared in numerous films and television shows and children love him in part because of all the trouble he gets into.

Ultimately, when purchasing duck stuffed animals, you can stick to traditional replicas, or go with the make-believe and cartoon-type plush toys. Either way, your child will be thrilled when they get to cozy up to another cuddly ‘pet’.


Plush Dinosaurs Are Fun Toys November 26, 2009

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Despite the fact that dinosaurs roamed the earth over 200 million years ago, children are continually fascinated with these ginormous creatures. They are so popular, in fact, that every type of toy has been made to replicate them, including the plush variety.

One of the things that makes dinosaurs so popular is their sheer size. Their size is just one of many things that grabs a child’s attention immediately. Take for example the well known largest meat-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex (or T. Rex) – it measured up to 43 feet in length, up to 13 feet tall and weighed a whopping 7 or 8 tons! Dinosaurs plush are a great replica of these huge animals, right down to their life-like frightening faces. Other popular dinosaurs include the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops, and are also available as dinosaurs plush.

We all remember the ever popular television show The Flintstones. It has been so pervasive in our culture, that generations of children and adults have tuned in to watch it. While the cartoon’s humor was aimed at adults, it was filled with plenty of other things to keep kids interested. Set in the Stone Age era, dinosaurs were prevalent in the show, which appealed to children.  And every one of them was turned into some kind of dinosaur plush; a baby woolly mammoth was used as a vacuum cleaner. An adult woolly mammoth was used as the shower when its trunk sprayed water. Brontosaurs were used as parts of tractors in the rock quarry where Fred Flintstone worked. But the most famous dinosaur portrayed on the show was Dino, Fred’s beloved pet. It was never specified what type of dinosaur Dino represented, but he had a long neck, a small head, and very short arms and legs. His best features were his purple color and long, ever-wagging tail. Many Dinosaur plush have been made in Dino’s likeness and are considered a collectable item.

Dinosaurs plush were made even more popular after the release of the movie Jurassic Park in 1993. For the first time, children were able to see what real dinosaurs looked like after seeing the incredible special effects used in the film. The dinosaur park depicted in the movie leaves nothing to the imagination. As was the case, anything a child could get their hands on to remind them of the experience, was in demand. This included any and all dinosaurs plush. Subsequently, an additional four films have been released due to their extreme popularity.

With dinosaurs plush, children get to experience the next best thing to a real dinosaur. After all, children are also fascinated by these animals because of the fear they instill. They are nothing if not scary! Using dinosaurs plush, children can go on whatever dangerous adventure they can imagine and still come home safe and sound.



Large Stuffed Animals Bring Comfort November 4, 2009

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There are many circumstances where a large stuffed animal can save the day and a child’s mind when you give them one. They are commonly given not only by family but also police officers and fire department personnel.

A large stuffed animal is an excellent solution to give a child comfort. Police officers often come across scary situations where a child may be in danger or left alone in a dangerous location with no one to comfort them. Children are often afraid to go with officers that they don’t know. When the officers give large stuffed animals to the children they are comforting and become something for the child to hug and hold onto so they can emotionally make it through the frightening time.

Fire departments also use large stuffed animals to give to children for comfort. It is very common when fire department personnel arrive to a scene of a fire or a medical event to find an adult on the ground and a child all alone and afraid. The parent will be taken to the hospital and the child will be left with a group of strange men in uniforms. The best thing a fireman can do is give a frightened child a large stuffed animal to soothe them from being afraid.

Large stuffed animals are fluffy and children love them. They are comforting and provide something to hug any time. Children love to take their large stuffed animal with them everywhere they go. You can give a plush stuffed animal any time of year. They are very popular during holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, but you don’t need a reason to comfort a child with a gift like this. You can be sure anytime you arrive with a stuffed animal your child’s eyes will light up with excitement and absolutely love it.

There are many reasons you should consider giving a large stuffed animal. Police and fire department personnel keep them on hand to comfort children who are left alone in scary and terrifying moments of their lives. They are the best solution to giving comfort to a child. When you give a large stuffed animal it is a gift that the child can hang onto forever and it becomes a treasured keepsake.