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Zebra Plush Toys And Zebra Facts September 30, 2010

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You might think zebra plush toys are a strange choice of stuffed animal for a child, but for any child that has an interest in wild animals, why not a zebra plush toy? Just because zebra plush toys don’t have much in common with the iconic teddy bear, doesn’t mean they can’t be equally loved and cuddled. After all, zebra plush toys have soft fur like teddy bears do and can be just as good of a friend and companion as a teddy can.

There are three species of zebra, all of which are members of the equide family. They all live in Africa, with two of the three species making their home in East Africa. Burchell’s zebras – also called common or plains zebra – have the most population and are very widespread. They are also the zebra we are most familiar with as we can often see them in zoos and animal sanctuaries. Northern Kenya is where the Grevy’s zebra can be found. They were named after James Grevy who was the President of France in the 1880s and received a zebra as a gift. The third species, called Equus zebra (or mountain zebra) can be found in southern and southwestern Africa.

Zebras have similar bodies to horses but unlike horses, their manes are short and stays straight up. They have tufted tails and of course, their coats are striped. You could say that Burchell’s zebra, for example, are built much like a stocky pony (though if  they were a pony, it wouldn’t have the signature stripes). The patterns and stripes found on their coats all vary greatly in terms of number and width. While scientists can’t be sure, they do believe that a zebras coat acts as a camouflage for them against predators. In early evening, the stripes on their bodies look as though they’re broken up into various patterns thereby distorting their distance and ultimately confusing predators. In addition to camouflage, a zebras coat can burn up to 70% of the suns heat, thus helping keep the animals cool.

Burchell’s zebras live in herds that are made up of a single stallion, several females, and their young. These families will often come together with other zebra families forming huge herds that can reach into the thousands. When foals are born, female zebras keep all other zebras away from them for up to three days. When the foal learns to recognize its mother through the use of site, smell and, voice, other zebra can then interact with it if they choose.

Many online shops boasts a wonderful selection of zebra plush toys that are nothing like you have ever seen before. Some have one zebra plush toy that stands three feet tall and still another that’s three and a half feet and comes with sound! Once your child takes one look at these lovely zebra plush toys, all thoughts of a teddy bear will be long gone.

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Sea Turtle Stuffed Animals & Facts

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A sea turtle stuffed animal is a delightful alternative to the teddy bear. Made of soft, huggable plush, a sea turtle stuffed animal will provide a young child with hours of fun. And, for soft toy collectors, it makes a terrific addition to what you already have.


With the recent oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, many marine animals are finding both themselves and their home threatened – sea turtles are no exception. In an unprecedented move, officials are planning to dig up close to 700 turtle nests located on the beaches of Alabama and the Florida panhandle, with the hope of relocating them to a facility in eastern Florida, where they will have the chance to mature. After the eggs have hatched, they will then be released in the dark on the Atlantic beaches of Florida. Per Michael Ziccardi, veterinarian and oil-spill veteran from the University of California, Davis, moving the eggs is really a “worst-case scenario” which they hope will not come to pass. It’s estimated, however, if they do not go through with the move, close to 50,000 hatchlings would die because of the oil.


Currently, nets are being used as markers so that anyone on clean-up duty of the Gulf, can avoid stepping on eggs and destroying them. This major egg moving operation  will likely continue well past egg-laying season – eggs incubate for 60 days- which goes until the end of August. The plan is to dig up the eggs when they have reached day 50 of their incubation period, which means that the hatchling’s sex will already have been determined (becoming male or female all depends on the temperature of the nest). Next, when the eggs are moved, they cannot be turned over or rolled in any way as that will disturb crucial membranes that connect the embryo to the shell, which acts as a cushion. Even a bumpy flight or turbulence on a plane is enough to break the membranes which ultimately means the embryo will die.


Moving the sea turtle eggs is also of great concern because it is believed that adult sea turtles return to the same region they were born, every year so they can nest. Some researchers are of the belief that the turtle learns the location of its home beach when its still in the egg. With the egg moving plan, those that hatch on Florida’s eastern shores, could very well impact which breeding population they join as adults. While east coast sea turtles have a different genetic make-up as compared to northern Gulf of Mexico sea turtles, marine biologist Philip Allman believes it is worth taking the risk to relocate the Gulf eggs.


Despite the fact that a sea turtle stuffed animal is an optimal choice over other kinds of soft toys, keep in mind the real animals plight because of the Gulf oil spill. Your sea turtle stuffed toy is one lucky plush compared to what the real thing has to endure, even before it has hatched.

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Bulldog Plush Toys & Bulldog Facts

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There is nothing quite adorable as a Bulldog puppy. With their extra heavy wrinkles and pushed in snouts, Bulldog puppies are the epitome of cute. In the plush toy world, while there are many Bulldog plush to choose from, there are few you will find that can equal the sheer appeal of a puppy. Then again, what real-life puppy isn’t one of the most darling things you will ever see?

Even though Bulldogs, once all grown up, can look quite intimidating, they are actually one of the gentlest breeds around. They are known as very affectionate animals, that are quite gentle with children. Bulldogs are also known as a very courageous breed with excellent guarding abilities. And, like any breed of dog, Bulldogs have their negatives too. Besides their stubborn nature, they have some physical issues which can be both difficult to tolerate as well as expensive to treat. Because Bulldogs have small windpipes, they are prone to breathing problems. They don’t do particularly well in hot weather and are also sensitive to cold. And finally, due to their wrinkled necks and faces, they are prone to skin problems which can result in seeing the vet much more than you might want to.

If not for the health issues alone, sometimes it’s just more practical to buy a Bulldog plush toy instead of actually having the real thing. While Bulldog plush don’t have the warm beating heart of the actual dog, they are just as easy to love and cozy up to. Some online shops have some truly spectacular Bulldog plush that can very easily stand in for the real thing. Some have a 21 inch tall Bulldog plush that has been designed in a permanent sitting position. You simply won’t find a lovelier stuffed animal. This Bulldog plush’s face even matches the breeds coloring and markings to perfection. Another Bulldog plush is a five foot floppy stuffed animal. Cuddling was never made easier than with this incredibly cozy plush dog.

Bulldogs have courage that is legendary and they are a breed that will rarely, if ever, fuss or whine. Bulldogs are not a demanding dog, and their tenacity has made way for loving patience. At the end of the day, however, a Bulldog plush toy is simply easier and less expensive to care for. They will always need the same love and attention as the real thing, but without the fuss or liability – that’s a win, win for everyone.

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A Blue Teddy Bear Makes The Perfect Gift

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The color of the teddy bear can have great significance given what the the association of blue and pink mean; a blue teddy bear is most often given to new mothers for their baby boys, while pink teddy bears are given to baby girls.

The color pink – which today, we associate with girls – was originally designated for boys to wear as it was believed to be a stronger color when compared to blue. At that time, the color blue was associated with the Virgin Mary and was considered a color just for girls. After World War II, men’s uniforms were mainly blue in color and as a result, the color blue began to be associated as masculine and therefore considered to be a color for boys. From about 1940 onward, pink became the “it” color for girls. In fact, the marketing slogan “think pink” was a way to try and convince women to get in touch with being more feminine. By dressing little girls in the color pink, it only further enhanced this thinking.

Today, blue and pink have held true to their boy/girl ‘designations,’ and has never been more evident than with the greatest symbol of childhood – the teddy bear.  

There is no hard and fast rule that says a blue teddy bear is a requirement for boys. In fact, a girl could have her bedroom designed to replicate life in and around the ocean and as is the case, a blue teddy bear would be a perfect accessory if looking for something outside the ocean motif. 

The color blue of course, is not only the ocean, but the sky, the twilight and sleep. It is a cooling color. Pure blue is the color of sincerity, spirituality, and inspiration. Blue is also a calming color.  Dark blue is the color of moderation and truth. Combine all of these things into a blue teddy bear and the end result is the perfect soft toy for a child – boy or girl.

Long before we ever realized it, children had already figured out that their teddy bears were much more than just some stuffed toy, made to sit somewhere on a bed or a shelf all day. They knew after much time spent with it, that their teddy bear was one of their best friends. That teddy bear became a well regarded member of the family no matter what color it was and it received more time and attention than all other toys combined.

The next time you find yourself needing to purchase a teddy bear – whether it be for a newborn, a christening, a baby shower, or to decorate a child’s room with – why not change things up and go for a blue teddy bear over whatever is considered ‘traditional’ at the time. 

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Big Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears

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When it comes to stuffed animals, size is always a consideration when choosing just the right one for you. Some would consider small stuffed animals not enough plush to hug, while still others would argue that big stuffed animals are just, well, too big!

For true lovers of plush toys, there is no greater joy one gets from having big stuffed animals. They are a comfort to us when we’re feeling blue just as they are a silent sounding board who are there to listen to our triumphs. Big stuffed animals are  the perfect size to snuggle up to when nothing else will do. They are a lifelong companion and friend and will never let you down. Big stuffed animals have those semi-human attributes we find so endearing – they are every inch a stuffed toy yet embody the doll like qualities which we demand. They are adaptable so they can be posed to stand, or sit, crawl or climb. Big stuffed animals are whatever our imagination wants them to be.

Besides teddy bears (which are abundantly available in big sizes), there are any number of different animal species [of big stuffed animals] to choose from; from polar bears, to black and brown bears; from dogs to horses – there is something for everyone. If you’re a collector of big stuffed animals and prefer to have them on display rather than having close contact with them, the variety from which you can choose to add to an already growing collection, is truly outstanding.

Like teddy bears, big stuffed animals are completely different from any other toy, and buying one, or two (or more), often has more to do with falling in love than acquiring some kind of status symbol. While we may not all have big stuffed animals the way most children have at least one teddy bear, once we take the leap to bring them into our homes, they find their rightful place like all plush toys do. Some are proudly on show; others wait patiently in a cupboard for the day when we need a hug or some reassurance. Their loyalty is often rewarded – big stuffed animals are the toys least likely to be thrown or given away. Some big stuffed animals will be forgotten, but others will remain with us for a lifetime.

Angeline Hope is a collector of big stuffed animals. You can view a selection of big stuffed animals at MyBigPlush.


Wolf Stuffed Animals & “Little Red Riding Hood”

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Children that are familiar with the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, are usually more intrigued by the wolf than they are with Red Riding Hood, the little girl who wears the red hood. After all, wolves are frightening wild animals which seems to thrill children more than it does scare them. If they have the choice between a dog stuffed animal and a wolf stuffed animal – keeping in mind their fascination with Red Riding Hood – the wolf stuffed animal will win out every time.

The French author Charles Perrault was the first to write down the tale of Little Red Riding Hood  – called Le Petit Chaperon Rouge – in the 17th century, but because of the way in which he tragically ended it (Red Riding Hood dies), some have questioned whether or not it was part of genuine folk origins. The Brothers Grimm version of the story, is the one that is most familiar to both children and adults today. The story is about a little girl who always wears a cape type of jacket with a red hood attached. She makes her way through the woods to deliver food to her grandmother and is watched and followed by  a wolf (usually referred to as the “Big Bad Wolf”) who wants to get her. 

Little Red Riding Hood’s origins can be traced back to several European countries in which oral tales of the story were told. It is likely that they preceded the 17th century but are all quite different from the Brothers Grimm version. Both French and Italian peasants told the story in the 14th century one of which was called La finta nonna (The False Grandmother). Some of the differences between these older versions and what is currently known, include: the wolf was not always the antagonist – sometimes it was an ogre or ‘bzou’ or the more commonly known werewolf. In addition, in some stories, the little girl escapes on her own without anyone else’s help.

Whether or not you are a fan of the Little Red Riding Hood story, you can be sure that most children will take to it quite easily. It has always been popular, so much so in fact, that there is even a Bugs Bunny version of it. All that to say, the next time you find your child engaged in a world of make-believe, it may be with a wolf stuffed animal instead of the heroine of the tale.

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Stuffed Alligator Toys & Alligator Facts

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If given a choice between a plush teddy bear and stuffed alligator toys, you might be surprised when a child opts for the stuffed alligator toy over the iconic teddy. Why you ask? When it comes to all things scary, children have a curiosity and fascination with what we know better to stay far away from. Being a kid and having no fear is all part of, well, being a kid!

According to researchers, they way in which an alligator breaths, is what likely gave it the edge over all the ancestors of mammals 250 million years ago, when the mass extinction of dinosaurs took place during what is referred to as the Permian period. Alligators have one-way airflow which makes them far more efficient breathers than mammals. 

This new study on alligators, involved special devices designed to measure airflow. The end result in all cases was the discovery that the lungs of an alligator works much the same way a birds does. While alligators don’t have air sacs like birds do, researchers believe that the airway that can be found on either side of an alligators trachea, functions in the same way. Air is stored and then passed into their lungs the next time they exhale. The air flows in and out of an alligators lungs at different points and allows them to maintain constant one way airflow through their lungs which, when compared to mammals, allows them to extract two-and-a-half times more oxygen per breath.  

Given the very low oxygen levels that existed during the early Triassic period (which was after the Permian period), archosaurs like alligators and birds, would have been able to endure intense exercise compared to mammals.

Of course, stuffed alligator toys will never have to worry about taking their next breathe or even outliving mammals. Stuffed alligator toys will, however, require as much love and attention as would be given to any other soft toy.

Angeline Hope is a collector of plush jungle toys. You can view a big selection of plush jungle toys including stuffed alligator toys at MyBigPlush.